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    REALBasic Professional v2008r5 Multilingual

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    REALBasic Professional v2008r5 Multilingual

    Messaggio Da Ed.Drummond il Mer Ago 19, 2009 11:34 pm

    REALbasic is a environment that enables to create high-quality, native softwarefor Windows, Mac and Linux. REALbasic is used to create all types of applications, including database clients, commercial software, custom business
    solutions, educational products and more. In fact, REALbasic itself is
    written in REALbasic. REAL Software ships updates to REALbasic every 90
    days. No other software tools company ships updates at this pace. Each
    new REALbasic license includes all updates for six months. When your
    REALbasic update plan ends you can either purchase a one year update
    plan renewal or continue using any release that shipped during your
    update plan.

    REALbasic includes:
    - an integrated environment designed for developer productivity
    - a modern, object oriented programming language
    - a cross-platform object framework
    - a cross compiler that produces native executables

    REALbasic Professional Edition is intended for serious application
    developers who require a full-strength development tool. REALbasic
    Personal Edition is intended for students and casual developers who
    develop applications for their own use. REAL Software does not provide
    technical support for Personal Edition. REALbasic Professional Edition
    includes a remote debugger that enables you to observe your code
    execution on one computer as it runs on another computer. The remote
    debugger enables you to write your code on Windows, for example, and
    test it on Linux and Macintosh. Because the remote debugger is based on
    the TCP/IP protocol, you can even remotely debug your application on a
    machine in another location, such as a customer site.

    REALbasic 2008 Release 4 included over 300 improvements and 6 new features. The new features are:

    * Control Locking: Control Locking adds the ability to lock a
    control in the IDE so it's position and size cannot be edited. This is
    useful for positioning controls at design time on complex User
    Interface's to prevent accidentally modifying the control.
    * Tab Stops: Tab Stops allow users to specify controls to be skipped
    over when tabbing through the user interface at runtime.
    * Auto-adjust Tab Indexes: REALbasic can now automatically determine the tab order for all controls.
    * Warning System Updates: REALbasic now includes several new warnings,
    as well as a new User Interface to set per-project preferences on what
    warnings to receive.
    * Constants in Declarations: The REALbasic compiler now allows the use
    of constants and enumerations in declarations. For example, constants
    can now be used as part of a method's optional parameter declaration or
    to define enumeration values in terms of other constants.
    * Codesign for Mac OS X Applications: Codesign enables developers to
    digitally sign REALbasic applications. Digitally signed applications
    provide greater security because the application can be traced back to
    the author. One way this is used on the Mac is with Mac OS X Leopard
    Server. Applications installed on Leopard Server must be authorized by
    the user each time they are launched. Digitally signed applications
    need only be authorized once.

    ОS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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    Re: REALBasic Professional v2008r5 Multilingual

    Messaggio Da manuelgp4 il Mer Ago 19, 2009 11:39 pm

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